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About eZecosystem.org

A brief word regarding about ezecosystem.org. This site is for people interested in the goings on of the eZ Publish software community, so read up on the latest activity in the eZ Ecosystem aka the eZ Community aka the eZ Publish Community!

This site has been serving the eZ Ecosystem since 03/2012.


eZecosystem.org was created to provide the community with more syndicated content than some of the other alternatives.

In one page view of this web site you get an amazing overview of the more recent public activity related to eZ Publish. This helps some people to be able to check in and see what activity they might have not noticed previously.


We aggregate syndicated content from several key sources:

  • Share.ez.no Blogs
  • New eZ Publish Project Additions
  • eZ Publish Articles
  • eZ Publish News
  • eZ Publish Jira Issues
  • eZ Community Jira Issues
  • eZ Project SVN and Git Commits
  • eZ Publish Community Project GitHub Activity
  • eZ Publish New Stack GitHub Activity
  • eZ Publish Legacy GitHub Activity
  • Active GitHub User Activity
  • Symfony Blog
  • Symfony Blogs Planet

We syndicate so you don't have to :)

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If you have a feature request or would like us to add a source to the site please feel free to contact us.

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This site is dedicated to the eZ Community that serves us all so well.

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Special thanks to David Broadfoot who provides this site with excellent hosting support.


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