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We finally wrote some proper documentation for Site API for eZ Platform and published the video of the workshop from Web Summer Camp 2018. Read on to find out why you need to use this.

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Software developers like to write code and they like it very much. They tend to enjoy writing exhausting tests and continuous integration/continuous deployment configurations to assure top-notch quality of software. However, most of the time one part of the whole software development process somehow goes under the radar. The most overlooked part is writing documentation. We always tend to say to ourselves that we will write the documentation once the project is finished, or that we will release this version first and write the documentation later. LeBlanc’s law clearly states: Later equals never. I think this requires no explanation, but instead forces us to act.

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After another successful Web Summer Camp, it is time to pack our laptops and continue with learning this conference season.

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We live in a time where knowledge is at our fingertips and educational programs from all disciplines are available online. Yet, people are people and most of us like to communicate in person. We still prefer going to conferences, meetups, and similar events where we can learn from our peers. The question arises: how to estimate the value you get from a conference?

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The new Netgen Layouts release brings some much-wanted features along – here’s what’s new.

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The two months ahead of us are filled with engaging meetups and conferences. Let's start!

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Web Summer Camp 2018 is slowly but surely closing in. We have defined the tracks (a few surprises there!), finished the speaker selection process, and are working on the track programs and extras – read on!

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The first few months of 2018 were filled with further work on Web Summer Camp and open-source projects, as well as interesting conferences and meetups. We also welcomed some new people to our team – read on!

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Site API for eZ Platform is a thin layer on top of the eZ Content Repository API. It provides simple to use features for eZ developer’s everyday work by reducing a lot of boilerplate code, thus saving time and simplifying maintenance.

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When we started developing web solutions with eZ Publish in 2004, the architecture was simple. We had a Linux operating system, an Apache web server, a MySQL database, and PHP runtime as an Apache module. You know this architecture by its LAMP acronym.

Over the years, things got a bit more complicated due to performance reasons and because some other tools were suitable for some specific features. The situation exploded with the new stack and eZ Platform. We are now on LNMpPf7VHMS as our default architecture with the possibility of adding a few more letters in the near future.

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Hurry to secure your place at Web Summer Camp 2018 – the ticket sale has officially started.

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After several early adopters launched their first websites based on Netgen Layouts at the end of 2017, it was a perfect time to speak to them about their experience using our product – what they liked and what they thought we should improve.

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As a service-based company, we have been working for many years on various web projects, building tailored solutions for our clients. It is always great to see a solution we have created put to use, but a quite different experience is creating a new generic product and proving its value in real life projects.

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We have an interesting Q1 in front of us, conference-wise. Here’s where you can find us this winter.

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Back in 2012, just as eZ Publish saw its first release of version 5, Netgen Tags debuted as a rewrite of the legacy eZ Tags extension for eZ Publish 4. It was rewritten completely, same as eZ kernel was. However, up until a year ago, there was no admin interface for managing tags. The legacy eZ Tags admin interface was perfectly adequate, so a new one simply wasn't a priority. A lot has changed since then.

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We’ve come to an end of another successful and fulfilled year. This is what we’ve been up to in these winter months.

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Let’s start the new year by marking Web Summer Camp 2018 in our calendars for another summer week filled with quality hands-on workshops.

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After implementing translations capabilities in the Netgen Layouts version 0.9, it was time to deal with several medium-sized and numerous smaller features that were needed on ours and the projects of our early adopters. Here are the added features in the version 0.10.

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This year's SymfonyCon was organized by SensioLabs in Eastern Europe; to be exact in a very lovely city of Cluj-Napoca. Ivo and I had the privilege to take part in this year’s conference which took place at Grand Hotel Italia.

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A while ago, our partners at Keyteq decided not to support their own solution for hosting and transforming images anymore and came to us with an idea to reimplement the solution using a cloud service called Cloudinary. We jumped at the opportunity and decided to come up with a little more generic solution together with our friends at Effectiva, with the idea of a feature that could, in the end, be reusable with different cloud providers – enter Netgen Remote Media.

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How to start using Netgen Admin UI
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Back to business in October – quite an exciting month it was, with so much going on. Here goes!

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After releasing Netgen Layouts version 0.8 in July, our focus was on making the most out of the slower-paced summer time. With every new release come many small improvements and fixes, although we usually focus on one big theme. In the case of version 0.9, translating layouts. At the same time, what emerged as a developer experience improvement was the block plugin feature. Read on!

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Another summer flew by quickly! We have plenty of news, including Netgen Layouts and Web Summer Camp.

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Netgen Tags Bundle is a taxonomy solution for eZ Publish and eZ Platform, in this webinar presented by Ivo and Edi, our tech lead.

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This fall meet us at these great conferences – let’s talk web!

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Another Web Summer Camp is behind us! More than 200 participants, companions, speakers, and sponsors gathered for hands-on learning, networking, and fun on the last days of summer.

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After open sourcing Netgen Admin UI, we felt it was necessary to give more information about it to the community. That is why on August 23 Ivo held a webinar for all interested parties.

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Due to the increased interest in Netgen Layouts, Ivo has decided to gather the attentive parties and hold a webinar. Held on July 20, it was conceived as a simple and straightforward way to shortly present Netgen Layouts in general in conjunction with the changes and improvements implemented in its new 0.8 version.

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We continued to work hard in June. Read on about Netgen Admin UI, Web Summer Camp, conferences we attended, and some open source news.

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