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Security Advisories related to eZ Publish and eZ Platform are published here. You can also subscribe to these updates through RSS.

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Although eZ Publish still has official support, with the release of eZ Platform, our community has centered around ezplatform.com and other platforms such as Slack and Discuss. Check out ez.no/Open-Source for a current list of resources.

share.ez.no is still open to contributions, such as blog posts and forum topics about eZ Publish. Important to know is that other content could be outdated.

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In a previous blog post we covered how to create custom tags in eZ Platform (with the legacy bridge or eZ Publish 5.x). The most difficult part of that process was building the XSL to output the custom tag HTML. But there's a simpler way to do it, which allows the developer to use Twig template code instead of XSL.

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Some eZ Platform devs are old ez legacy devs. Some of them (like me) started building eZ websites on 3.x releases. The thing is they have bad old habits and they tend to keep building ezPlatform projects on a legacy way of doing things. But that's a bad path. After taking some time on a eZ 5.x and eZ Enterprise projects here is what I found out.

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Dealing with permissions and security systems such as Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is an issue that seems to challenge many developers. Some enterprise Linux distributions like Red Hat and CentOS come with SELinux enabled by default, but not knowing how SELinux works can lead developers to disable it. This is a mistake.

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This is a recorded webinar about the eZ community by Robin, community manager at eZ Systems and me.

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We recently used OneAll to develop a feature that allows user generated content to be created, submitted for review, published, and then automatically posted to the creator's social media channels without additional effort on their part. Here's how we accomplished this.

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Ever since we started with the new stack (roughly 5 years ago) we shared our knowledge and our code to help others in the community to do the same. 

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Facebook's solution to speed up mobile web page loading is called Facebook Instant Articles (FBIA), and it's only available to Facebook app users. Here's a look at how to integrate FBIA into eZ Publish / eZ Platform.

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As a pet owner, you have the responsibility to make sure of the healthy condition and longevity of your beloved animals at all times. Give them wholesome nutrition, and don’t forget to avoid unnecessary exposure to some kind of vaccines, heartworm, and flea and tick preventives. Fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides should also be avoided in ensuring the best health for your animals.

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Adding adorable and dependable pets as a member of the family will always be a great decision for most households.

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After another successful summer camp in 2017, we decided to stay in a charming town of Rovinj once again, with Lone Hotel being our venue. We are not changing the dates of the conference either – from August 29 to September 1, 2018, we will welcome you once again to our conference.

Read on: netgenlabs.com/Blog/Save-the-date-for-Web-Summer-Camp-2018 

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On content heavy sites, it can be useful to inject snippets of code into CMS data before display (for example, into the body copy of an article). These snippets could be automatically generated glossaries, tables of contents, or ad units, placed mid-content.

Let's explore a general approach to getting such snippets into place.

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Har du problemer med å sove godt om natta? Vi har her funnet noen yogaøvelser som hjelper til å skape ro i kroppen og sindet. Les mer her og fall til ro!

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Giving association members the ability to submit insurance claims online saves time and money for the Alberta Gymnastics Federation. Here we'll take a look at the insurance claims submission web app we built in eZ Publish / eZ Platform.

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In an effort to engage its audience, our client, FindaTopDoc, wanted to integrate a custom Q&A platform into its site. They chose Oracle + Bronto as the accompanying marketing automation tool. Here we outline how we integrated Bronto with eZ Platform to build a robust Q&A and newsletter system with the capacity to send customized e-mails to tens of thousands of users.

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Intended audience: technical managers, senior developers

Agile developers must constantly strike a balance between building solutions for a known existing case and building solutions that can scale to handle unknown future cases. On the one hand, Agile philosophy encourages us to build and iterate as necessary: Move Fast and Break Things. On the other, various programming best practices encourage us to build in an extensible and modular way from the start: Do One Thing and Do It Well. On smaller projects, these two goals can be achieved simultaneously; but on larger projects – especially given time and budget constraints – it is sometimes necessary to prioritize one over the other. 

Project managers and full-stack developers face such choices almost immediately, during the initial development, staging, and deployment phases. For instance, a project may begin with a narrow scope and require only a single developer’s time. In this case, it often makes sense to forgo provisioning a dedicated development virtual machine (VM) or staging server, and instead, to use generic or shared environments. But as the scope of the project grows, for instance with caching or proxy layers, it often makes sense to implement better development, staging, and production parity.

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With recent changes such as developer doc and the new forum now centered around ezplatform.com, I will be posting future Community Board blogs on our Developer Hub.

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eZ Publish allows you to develop custom REST APIs to transfer data among different platforms. This "getting started" guide will show you how to build and integrate a REST API into an eZ Publish installation by developing a custom module view that returns a JSON object.

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Here are the minutes of the latest Community Board meeting,  September 6, 2017. Our previous minutes can be found here.

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We are excited to announce a new forum dedicated to eZ Platform, which is centered around our developer hub, ezplatform.com. It’s based on Discourse and is available at https://discuss.ezplatform.com/ and via the main menu.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is Google's technology designed to create fast mobile pages. AMP allows developers to take advantage of fast rendering and improved performance. Here's a look at how it can be integrated into an existing eZ Publish website.

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Sending e-mail newsletters comes with a variety of challenges: selecting the contents, sorting them into sections, writing the HTML code, entering the title, description, images, and other data for each piece of content, and finally, previewing the e-mail. The process can be long and stressful if done manually.

The Mugo Feed Manager is easy to use, requires no background knowledge, and has an intuitive interface recommended for publishers and content managers.

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Here are the minutes of the latest Community Board meeting,  September 6, 2017. Our previous minutes can be found here.

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As I've written a short while back, we now have 15 PhpStorm licenses available for community members. If you are interested in obtaining one, read further.

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Here are the minutes of the latest Community Board meeting,  August 23, 2017. Our previous minutes can be found here.

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eZ Publish legacy 2017.08 is here, offering a single release to use both for the new eZ Platform Enterprise users coming from eZ Publish, and for community users that has previously been forced to pick one of the many community forks.

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We’ve worked with many marketing automation platforms and have written about custom integrations using MailChimpSalesforceMarketoHubSpot, and Bronto. Recently, we’ve been impressed by the combined power of Bronto’s fields, segments, and workflows. Fields are user metadata and can be updated remotely via the Bronto API. Segments are automatically generated lists of users who meet the segment’s criteria. Finally, workflows are intelligent triggers that can be used to initiate a complex series of events. The combination of these features can be extremely powerful for marketers looking to send customized messages to highly targeted lists.

For instance, we recently built a CMS-based blogging platform for FindaTopDoc, a client that showcases medical professionals and their content. Their blog posts go through a series of editorial controls before they are made publicly visible, and if the author has opted-in and configured social sharing, the published posts are also shared to the author’s social media accounts.

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Your eZ site might be serving megabytes of unnecessary image data on every page load. Do your users and your SEO rankings a favour: strip image metadata and set a reasonable image quality setting for your image aliases!

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One way to attract visitors to your site is through e-mail marketing campaigns, but sending thousands of generic e-mails might not generate the kind of returns you're hoping for. One of our clients, FindaTopDoc, needed a customized approach for its e-mail campaign targeting potential new content contributor doctors. The goal was to generate an image that would show the recipient exactly what their personal blog would look like, including their profile picture and personal details.

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