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Hot on the heels of my talk at Symfony Live Paris, please find below the quick presentation I held at the SensioLabs + eZ roadshow yesterday night, Cologne stage.

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The first eZ Community UnConference is now over. But as we want to do more and do it better for our Community, we need your feedback and input to help us improve for the next UnConference.

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The UnConference is now finished and we need to evaluate the results of the event. Was it the first of a successful series?  Read on.

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As I posted a Storify Twitter Summary on Day 1 of the eZ UnConference at Cologne 2012, here is a link for Day 2:


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If you are unable to attend the eZ UnConference 2012, here is a wrap-up through Storify of the first day. 


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 One week away from the first ezCommunity UnConference and the great news keeps coming…..

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You haven’t realized time was passing-by so fast? Well, lucky you that we’re here to remind you why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to take part of the 1st eZ Community UnConference.

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You are still thinking about coming but you are not yet decided? You’d better be quick, places are limited! Read on to know why you should participate.

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As you might have noticed, our conference website is now up again, alive and kicking even more than before! Read on to learn what happened.

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You have been trying to convince your boss that you have to be at the eZ Conference in Cologne, but it hasn’t worked (yet)? Here are some tips that might help him to make the right choice. Read on.

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In these times of tight budget, I am sure that you will all appreciate some tips and trick to spare money while in Cologne for the eZ Conference.
(by the way, have you checked on the Agenda Preview yet?)

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As announced earlier, in October we will hold the 10th eZ Systems Annual Conference & Awards. Here is a new awesome piece of information for you, you'd better read on.

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As you may have heard, the next eZ Conference will take place soon. You want to know more about it? Read on and stay tuned.

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