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After another successful summer camp in 2017, we decided to stay in a charming town of Rovinj once again, with Lone Hotel being our venue. We are not changing the dates of the conference either – from August 29 to September 1, 2018, we will welcome you once again to our conference.

Read on: netgenlabs.com/Blog/Save-the-date-for-Web-Summer-Camp-2018 

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eZ Publish allows you to develop custom REST APIs to transfer data among different platforms. This "getting started" guide will show you how to build and integrate a REST API into an eZ Publish installation by developing a custom module view that returns a JSON object.

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The programme for the eZ track is almost finished with 2 short slots still to be confirmed. The Symfony and PHP tracks are 100% done. There will be total of 54 hours of workshops, mostly hands-on with focus on eZ Platform, Symfony and PHP

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We have limited number of Super Early's available so be quick. Special message for Old Sailors: expect a discount code in your inbox tomorrow!

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A had the privilege to host Jordi Boggiano, one of the more important people in PHP and Symfony community. Why is he important showed the community few days ago. One line of code that made the "composer update" script faster by 50-90% made people gone crazy on the commit page, but watch out, it might kill your browser :)

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Dear community,

The programme for this year Summer Camp is very close to being complete. We just need to confirm 2 shorter workshops and 3 days in 3 rooms will be full. Thats 54 hours of workshops about eZ Publish, Symfony and PHP in total. 

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As mentioned in the opening of this blog there has been some changes in eZ Engineering over the last year, and some are still on going. Today we’ll cover some technology choices we have dealt with and are currently evaluating, and a small outlook towards “eZ Platform” to give a picture of what we have in mind, parts of which will also benefit the upcoming eZ Publish Platform 5.3 release, and bigger parts for the 5.4 November release.

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Right back from a well-organized, packed and captivating event of the French Association of PHP Users (AFUP), more precisely the Lyon antenna of this major association for the adoption of PHP, Worldwide. The @AFUP_Lyon team had put together, very professionally, a dedicated conference for eZ. Here are all details.

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Eclipse IDE + Git + PHP is a powerful combo - this tutorial shows you how to get them working together (and assumes you already have Eclipse (PDT) installed).

The basic steps are:

  1. Install EGit
  2. Import Git project
  3. Create a new PHP project, based on existing code (ie, your Git clone)
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One of the most common tasks when developing an eZ Publish extension is creating, editing and removing content objects in PHP. eZ Publish’s standard features has the ability to accomplish this:

However, the above functionality does not always meet all the requirements.

Continue Reading...

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Ever dreamt of an even more powerful eZ Publish ?
Ever dreamt of an even more flexible eZ Publish ?
Ever dreamt of an even easier to learn eZ Publish ?

Well...you’d better read on.

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Back in 2010, eZ Systems had donated the eZ Components project to the Apache Foundation , as an Incubator project. This loosely-coupled, high-quality set of PHP libraries became the Apache Zeta Components. The journey continues today, read on to learn more.

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On June 6th in Paris, Jérôme, from our engineering and R&D team will enlighten us on Concurrency and Scalability, illustrating the talk with his experience on eZ Publish, and most particularly the latest developments of eZ Publish 5.

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With Etna (4.7) now out the door, eZ Publish's git repository is now re configured for 5.0.0alpha1, signaling that development of 5.0 has started. This has no effect other then signaling ezpublish repository is about to see some larger changes than you would normally see in the next 4 months.

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On June 6th in Berlin, André, from our engineering and R&D team will team-up with Tobias from Qafoo Gmbh to tell the story of eZ Publish 5, from its conception to its realization.

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You must have heard at least some noise about it: eZ Publish 5, aka Kilimandjaro, is coming by the end of the year. This is a major step for all the eZ ecosystem as it consists in a complete re-design.

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As the need to care for the Community increases, as our ambitions grow along in terms of innovation and boundary spanning, the Community Management team is scaling accordingly. Two positions are open today, based in Lyon, France, concerning Community marketing and Web development. Read along to learn how exciting that is !

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