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A few weeks ago we held a survey asking both partners and the community what their top five extension types are. We ran the survey for just over two weeks and got 64 responses back, thank you for this.

Below you can see the top five and how they scored:

Type #Votes Percentage
Template operator 43 67%
Module 42 66%
Design 36 56%
Datatype 30 47%
Cronjob 26 41%

(People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.)

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With the development of eZ Publish 5 fully underway, the Community Project Board would like to ask, what are the most important extension types for the work you do? To be specific, which  five extension types do you most frequently install or build on projects you work on? This can be at either eZ Publish edition, enterprise or community.
Why are we asking? The Community Project Board and eZ Engineering will use the outcome of this survey to prioritize the future implementation steps of extension points when eZ Publish 5 is released. Those extension points can be viewed as hooks into the core thus making eZ Publish 5 ready for eZ Publish extensions within the new framework and Symfony. So please, take a few minutes and share your top five. Thank you!

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We are always seeking to improve the way our Community functions, to thrive innovation and make our home, the eZ Community, a better and more useful place.

I would be extremely grateful if you could spend 5 to 10 minutes of your time to let us know a bit more about your current engagement, by filling-out the form below.

This survey will be open until Monday, April 23rd.

In advance : many thanks.

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