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First of all, let me (and the Community team) wish you a fantastic new year!

You might have sensed it end of last year, eZ Community is changing. That makes me say that 2013 will be the beginning of a new era. Why? Read on.

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The UnConference is now finished and we need to evaluate the results of the event. Was it the first of a successful series?  Read on.

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As promised at the end of the engineering talk about eZ Publish 5 at the UnConference, I intend to shed some light upon our REST API.

No big fancy article yet, but a short introduction and a working example on a GIST ! Enjoy.

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 One week away from the first ezCommunity UnConference and the great news keeps coming…..

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You haven’t realized time was passing-by so fast? Well, lucky you that we’re here to remind you why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to take part of the 1st eZ Community UnConference.

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You are still thinking about coming but you are not yet decided? You’d better be quick, places are limited! Read on to know why you should participate.

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As you might have noticed, our conference website is now up again, alive and kicking even more than before! Read on to learn what happened.

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