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In eZ Publish 5.x and eZ Platform, the concept of "view cache" has changed. The "module result" part of it (which was basically page-level caching if we didn't count the pagelayout) has been offloaded to HTTP caching, most often implemented with Varnish. In addition, Cache blocks no longer exist and have been replaced by ESI (Edge Side Includes) blocks.

The persistence caching element -- that is, caching of your actual content from the database -- of the "view cache" still exists, handled by default on the file system through the Stash bundle. Stash also supports memcache (which, as its name suggests, uses memory, and has a much better performance). We use memcache(d) for all of our production sites.

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eZ Publish 5 comes with built-in Varnish Cache support. Essentially this means that when content is published in the eZ Publish back-end, it notifies Varnish so that the Varnish cache is cleared. This feature is often called "purge-on-publish" and makes it so that you can cache your pages for a very long time, but that edits refresh the cache and thus appear immediately. To get this native support, you just have to use the "new stack" in eZ Publish. However, even if your legacy site is not ready to be fully upgraded to the new stack and you are running eZ Publish 5 in "legacy mode", you can take advantage of this native support.

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(For french speaking people, the original french version of this article is available on my own blog)

As announced on Twitter and Google+ a week ago, the Planet eZ Publish.fr (the french version of Planet eZ Publish.org) is now powered by eZ Publish 5 (actually, it's build from git clones from 2012-12-04 so it's a version somewhere between 5.0 and the future 2012.11/2012.12 versions). 

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On June 6th in Paris, Jérôme, from our engineering and R&D team will enlighten us on Concurrency and Scalability, illustrating the talk with his experience on eZ Publish, and most particularly the latest developments of eZ Publish 5.

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