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Some eZ Platform devs are old ez legacy devs. Some of them (like me) started building eZ websites on 3.x releases. The thing is they have bad old habits and they tend to keep building ezPlatform projects on a legacy way of doing things. But that's a bad path. After taking some time on a eZ 5.x and eZ Enterprise projects here is what I found out.

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After another successful summer camp in 2017, we decided to stay in a charming town of Rovinj once again, with Lone Hotel being our venue. We are not changing the dates of the conference either – from August 29 to September 1, 2018, we will welcome you once again to our conference.

Read on: netgenlabs.com/Blog/Save-the-date-for-Web-Summer-Camp-2018 

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After a lot of thought and discussions, we finally decided to make our Admin UI code available to the public. It should serve as a smoother migration path to the new eZ Platform era for many existing eZ Publish projects.

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I am happy to announce that we sold out this year’s Summer Camp last week! We have 2 Camps in 3 days and 3 tracks waiting for you. Here you can find all the information we have regarding the Summer Camp so far. For those of you who don’t have the opportunity to participate in the Summer Camp this year, stay tuned - we will publish online a significant number of workshops during autumn. You will be able to replay the workshops with videos and related git repo.

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A month ago we announced opensourcing our Sylius integration with eZ. Today the project is shortlisted for a community stand at the SymfonyLive London. If you would like to support us please place your vote at twtsurvey.com/bbkwh3l82sb55rt.

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The programme for the eZ track is almost finished with 2 short slots still to be confirmed. The Symfony and PHP tracks are 100% done. There will be total of 54 hours of workshops, mostly hands-on with focus on eZ Platform, Symfony and PHP

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We have limited number of Super Early's available so be quick. Special message for Old Sailors: expect a discount code in your inbox tomorrow!

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A few weeks ago, we at Netgen announced the location and the dates of the 4th eZ Publish Summer Camp. It will be held at the same place (Rovinj, Croatia) and one week earlier than last year (August 26-29).

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Last thursday I had the opportunity to speak at the eZ Meetup in Lyon where I showcased the tools and techniques we use at Heliopsis to speed up eZPublish 5 site development. 

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A key component of a content management system or web application is the handling of JavaScript and CSS files, specifically around loading, combining, and minifying them. Loading fewer files and a smaller amount of data in each file leads to both server-side and client-side performance improvements. In eZ Publish 4 / legacy, this was handled nicely with an extension called ezjscore. Now in the eZ Publish 5 new stack, we have a Symfony tool called Assetic. In this post we'll introduce how Assetic works in eZ Publish 5.0 through 5.4.

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I finally released PBEBaseBundle, a webpage helper bundle for the eZ Publish 5 Platform.

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A had the privilege to host Jordi Boggiano, one of the more important people in PHP and Symfony community. Why is he important showed the community few days ago. One line of code that made the "composer update" script faster by 50-90% made people gone crazy on the commit page, but watch out, it might kill your browser :)

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Dear eZ Community,

Next episode of The eZ Publish Show will be aired on Thursday, December 4th at 15:00 CET. Our topic will be Composer, the PHP dependancy manager used by eZ Publish 5.

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Image alias system can be considered as one of the oldest features in eZ Publish. It is a very flexible mechanism for managing content images and has long proven its efficiency. 

But the system was left as is when we switched to version 5, and was still running through the legacy kernel until now. As part of our legacy code clean-up in eZ kernel, the image alias system has been redesigned, in a much more modern way...

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Hi everyone! Today, eZ Publish Community Project 2014.11 is becoming public, read on for details!

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While preparing this years eZ Publish Summer Camp and PHP Summer Camp we wanted to somehow capture the value that was created and share it later. In short, to extend the learning experience after the camp is over. So we organised video and audio recordings of all 3 tracks and (almost) all workshops. 

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Yesterday I had a great discussion with Paweł Jędrzejewski about Sylius and would it be a good choice as a base for eZ eCommerce solution. After 30 minutes he lost the internet connection, the discussion was abruptly finished but it was near to end anyway. Hope the recorded video will still be interesting.

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Dear eZ Community,

Next episode of The eZ Publish Show will be aired on Thursday, October 30th at 16:00 CEST. In this episode we would like to check if Sylius, new eCommerce solution based on Symfony, could become the base for the new eZ eCommerce.

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When developing your project in Symfony stack, you more than likely already implemented services. If you don't already know it, a service is nothing more than a PHP object which purpose is do perform tasks. In MVC terms, they correspond to the M, i.e. the Model. This PHP object is given a label (or service ID) and a configuration for the service container so it can build it for you. In this configuration, you define all your service dependencies, being other services or parameters. This is a rough explanation of what Dependency injection is.

Sometimes though (often maybe), some of your services will need a SiteAccess-aware parameter (e.g. a setting depending on the current SiteAccess), being from eZ configuration or from your own. A good example can be prioritized languages, or the root location ID.

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Symfony published maintenance releases (2.3.19, 2.4.9 and 2.5.4) last week containing 5 security fixes:

09/09/2014 07:29 am   share.ez.no/blogs   Mirror   Link   @2953

A year after the "cookbook for successful migration from eZ 4 to the Symfony stack" we share our learnings from real eZ 5 projects realized during the last twelve months.

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Hi everyone! Today, eZ Publish Community Project 2014.07 is becoming public, read on for details!

08/06/2014 01:59 pm   share.ez.no/blogs   Mirror   Link   @3057

Hi everyone! Today, eZ Publish Community Project 2014.05 is becoming public, read on for details!

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Dear eZ Community,

After a 6 month brake Angry Che is back :)

Next episode of The eZ Publish Show will be aired on Friday, June 27th at 15:00 CEST. In 30 minutes of the show we would like to explore in what ways could Symfony community (and general PHP community btw.) benefit with the new eZ Platform which is implemented as full stack Symfony application.

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Dear community,

The programme for this year Summer Camp is very close to being complete. We just need to confirm 2 shorter workshops and 3 days in 3 rooms will be full. Thats 54 hours of workshops about eZ Publish, Symfony and PHP in total. 

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With coming of the eZ Publish CMS version 5 and introduction of the Public API a new naming convention was established, the version 4 technology was called legacy stack and the new technology, with the Public API as the cornerstone, was called the new stack. Recently by using this new stuff more and more I realised that this naming is a bit misleading.

04/23/2014 02:03 am   share.ez.no/blogs   Mirror   Link   @5952

Dear all, we are delighted to bring you the latest, the most beautiful, the most solid, the shiniest build of eZ Publish Community Project: 2014.03! Read on for more details.

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