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Some eZ Platform devs are old ez legacy devs. Some of them (like me) started building eZ websites on 3.x releases. The thing is they have bad old habits and they tend to keep building ezPlatform projects on a legacy way of doing things. But that's a bad path. After taking some time on a eZ 5.x and eZ Enterprise projects here is what I found out.

06/11/2018 03:18 pm   share.ez.no/blogs   Mirror   Link  

eZ Publish legacy 2017.08 is here, offering a single release to use both for the new eZ Platform Enterprise users coming from eZ Publish, and for community users that has previously been forced to pick one of the many community forks.

09/01/2017 05:15 pm   share.ez.no/blogs   Mirror   Link   @372

After a lot of thought and discussions, we finally decided to make our Admin UI code available to the public. It should serve as a smoother migration path to the new eZ Platform era for many existing eZ Publish projects.

07/03/2017 08:21 am   share.ez.no/blogs   Mirror   Link   @850

eZ Publish 5 comes with built-in Varnish Cache support. Essentially this means that when content is published in the eZ Publish back-end, it notifies Varnish so that the Varnish cache is cleared. This feature is often called "purge-on-publish" and makes it so that you can cache your pages for a very long time, but that edits refresh the cache and thus appear immediately. To get this native support, you just have to use the "new stack" in eZ Publish. However, even if your legacy site is not ready to be fully upgraded to the new stack and you are running eZ Publish 5 in "legacy mode", you can take advantage of this native support.

05/22/2015 12:28 pm   share.ez.no/blogs   Mirror   Link   @2596

Until some time ago, it was necessary to hack the eZ Publish legacy kernel in order to customize its generic error message, "Fatal error: The web server did not finish its request". This error occurs on all eZ Publish installations whenever there is an HTTP 500 status server error. It is a very common error; some examples of how it's triggered include: trying to access the value of a non-existent object attribute; the use of a non-existent PHP class or function; and too much memory usage.

Now, since this pull request from Mugo has been merged to the eZ Publish kernel, we have made it possible to customize the error page without hacking the kernel. In this post I will show you the new standard way to do this with a simple INI setting and your own PHP function.

03/26/2015 10:22 am   share.ez.no/blogs   Mirror   Link   @14262

Dear eZ Community,

Next episode of The eZ Publish Show will be aired on Tuesday, March 17th at 16:00 CET. Topic is very actual and interesting one: during February eZ engineering managed to externalise the legacy code which is an important step towards eZ Platform. We hope to get some more details about this long awaited moment :)

03/10/2015 05:47 am   share.ez.no/blogs   Mirror   Link   @14220

Continuing with the migration of a site from eZ Publish 4 to eZ Publish 5, here's a sample of how you can use legacy code from a Symfony controller and use Twig templates to render the response. 

02/19/2014 07:53 am   share.ez.no/blogs   Mirror   Link   @14544

As part of our release processes at eZ, we continuously run load testing benchmarks on the platform to make sure it evolves in the right way.

11/15/2013 10:26 am   share.ez.no/blogs   Mirror   Link   @14409

Legacy mode is probably one of the most ambiguous settings in eZ Publish 5, according to many posts in the forum. Let's clarify this !

10/07/2013 07:39 am   share.ez.no/blogs   Mirror   Link   @2808

Since eZ Publish 2011.9, it's possible to use mobile detection. But unfortunatly, activating it will lead into a redirection.

As far as I'm concerned, I don't need any redirection but just a variable in my pagelayout to select my javascript bootstrap and force some non-compliant mobile to use my handheld stylesheet.

08/23/2013 01:29 pm   share.ez.no/blogs   Mirror   Link   @14356

Every eZ developer knows how to use view parameters to filter articles or to use pagination. But if adding a parameter to an url is quite simple, how can with deal with forms?

08/22/2013 06:01 am   share.ez.no/blogs   Mirror   Link   @14388

The website toolbar for front-end editing is powered by eZWT extension, which is a legacy extension. Let's see how to integrate this legacy toolbar in an eZ 5 context.

04/16/2013 11:45 am   share.ez.no/blogs   Mirror   Link   @3033