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Let's Talk About Editors' Experience

Hi everyone,

This is an update on the work we are doing nowadays at eZ to improve editors' lives. When I rejoined eZ a few months back, I was amazed and very excited by all the challenges eZ was working on, from a new Web architecture based on Symfony2 to the huge move to a full digital User Experience Management platform. A lot of projects and challenges, and a huge opportunity to make a real difference.

While the challenges above are really super exciting and important, there is another challenge that has been discussed, but that I am sure is still really unclear: how eZ will improve the lives of editors with a much better user experience on all the user interface of the platform.

Indeed, we all know that the current user interface now is the one inherited from eZ Publish 3 - I don't want to count the years! This user interface had some real strengths back in the day, especially compared to many of our competitors. Some are still totally true, some less… and it still competes well with the old generation of CMS (e.g. most of the market). But the truth is that this is living in the past and it will only get worth, UX standards have evolved and the legacy interface is now hardly following.

So, now that we just rebuilt the foundation of the eZ Publish Platform, whose foundations are a new API (PHP and REST), Symfony2 as a Web framework and a new highly scalable storage repository, it is time to tackle this topic and (re)give eZ Publish a cutting edge editorial interface. This is actually the next step for eZ Publish 5 to enable to run on a 100% new system, without relying on any legacy component.