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Announcing the Release of eZ Commerce

Why did we decide to launch this add-on now?

At the age of customer centricity and when it’s becoming crucial to insure a streamlined user experience all along the customer journey, many enterprise and organizations are struggling with different technologies to get their content management and e-commerce needs addressed. It has become’s very clear that it iU’s more important than ever to be able to rely on a single technology platform to build your digital experiences from engaging with potential users discovering your product and services to managing a delightful buying experience, and beyond. The solution allows organizations will be able to increase engagement and deliver a more personalized customer experience. As result, allowing a business to accelerate their sales cycle. With eZ Commerce, you can easily spark customers interest in products and drive them to complete a transaction from anywhere on the website. Now that we know what eZ Commerce has to offer and the value itlue that this solution brings to the market, it is time to dive a little deeper into the features that make this solution powerful and simple to use.

Top eZ Commerce Features

Unified Site management: