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The Week in Review: eZ Platform 1.12, Win eZ Swag and More


eZ Platform 1.12.0 and 1.7.6 Now Available

This week Roland Benedetti, Chief Product Officer at eZ Systems, announced the general availability of eZ Platform 1.12.0 and 1.7.6.

"The team at eZ has been very busy lately. Before celebrating Halloween yesterday, we released our October Fast Track of eZ Platform, version 1.12, as well as a new maintenance release of our long term supported (LTS) version 1.7.6. So, whether you are on the conservative side—running our LTS—or on the innovative side—using the latest fast tracks, you should probably check it out!"

For full details on what these releases includes, such as improvements and fixes, read the release notes. These notes also include links to downloads and update instructions.

The eZ Platform Developer Hub Gets a New Forum

As announced last week, we have launched a new forum dedicated to eZ Platform. Join us on https://discuss.ezplatform.com/ with any questions or comments and help us preserve our knowledge and increase openness and transparency to all members in our ecosystem. Visit https://discuss.ezplatform.com/ and setup your account!

To celebrate our new forum, we will be giving away some cool eZ swag to the 100th new member who joins! The winner will be mailed a package of eZ branded items—t-shirt, mug, sticker and more. Let’s get to 100 members quickly, setup your account today.
(We will check user registrations and contact the 100th member through e-mail)

In Other News:



Continuous Development

This week there are two upcoming Webinars I would like to highlight. First is the webinar on the value of a continuous development process. This will take place on November 7 with guest speaker Robert Douglass - VP of Customer Success at Platform.sh. Check the details of what you will learn, who should attend and more.

eZ Platform v2

The second webinar is a first look at eZ Platform v2. Presented by André Rømcke, eZ’s VP of Customer Success, you will learn more about productivity for developers, migration to eZ Platform v2 and more. You can join this webinar on November 21.

Question of the Week

Douglas Hammond aka wizhippo posted a question on our forum about config resolver site versus group priority: "Am I wrong in the expectation that the site should supersede the group?"

Douglas got confirmation from another member, and reported a bug on Jira. He then also submitted a pull request. An excellent example of a short and to-the-point question, resulting in a quick contribution to eZ Platform. Thank you Douglas!

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out: https://ezplatform.com/Bundles.

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Each week we publish a roundup of highlights from the eZ ecosystem. If you have any news or events to share, please contact me.

(Lead image credit: Jorge Franganillo, CC)